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I love this movie! Wow. I'll agree with the last guy that you should keep making these movies. Sorry I dont have any ideas for you.

Who's remix was that at the end???


PeteZahut responds:

I don't remember and I can't find it...

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omg wtf

first time i try to do something i get in a fight with an emo son of a bitch that had 3k health. THATS BULL SHIT!!! OMG WTF!!!

Good game though.


Makes me wanna try it in real life!

Good game! I enjoyed it a lot! Good gun graphics also!

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Much better in my opinion. Great job on the fix.

The only thing I'd really say didn't fit was the melody around 2:05-2:10 sounded slightly out of sync, now maybe that was your goal, but i feel that it needs to be more melodic and slightly less random.

BUT, at least that synth didn't bother me as much now!

Again, great fix! Keep it up!

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Lets see if I can help you with this WIP with my opinions<------ key word there.

First thing, the 'melody' synth from 0:43-1:17 and then from 1:55-2:33 might need a serious tweak or be completely changed out for something less intrusive. It doesn't flow with the rest of the song at all and it just overpowers everything else in the song.

The bass you used from 0:43 on needs to be louder and deeper unless you were using it as a background melody/effect in which case, add some deep bass. Also, the hi hat is loud, and the pattern needs to be changed. The 1/8 note thing is good for techno but it kills in dubstep. I suggest adding 2 more hi hats to the kit (different ones) and making the hi hat line more of an effect used to aid the drums in sounding more full/complete.

Add some effects into the song (other than the female laugh and moans) You did a good job with this after 1:30 then you stopped adding tactical effects/sounds/synth fx and I think it's because of your melody synth. I know I keep coming back to that, but there's something about it that I just don't like. I think because it's too straight forward. It's all 1/8 notes for a bit then 1/4 notes and it makes it very boring. Try playing with it a bit, take some 1/8 notes out and drop in some 1/16 notes and see how it sounds (but don't get too crazy with it)

I know I'm going all out of order here, but the intro needs some help too. I think the piano needs to come down (volume wise) a bit because it clashes with your deep kick and bass line.

I know that dubstep is supposed to be filthy, but it's tactically placed filth. You've got a great start to a song and I hope you'll finish it!

Keep it up!
TorkKey - feel free to check out my new song ">TK< OMG (complete)" and give me your critiques.

Also if you're using reason, lower the sample rate down to about 2,000. That SHOULD help reduce that distortion given off by all the synths/effects taking place at one time.

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ZxOOxZ responds:

thanks ill check all of that out and ya no im not using reason O.o but ill figure it out! thanks again

The intro is on the longer side, but doesn't feel long which can be a very challenging thing to do. kudos on that. (but I hate that fake clap. Drives me insane. Next time add some reverb on the clap. It makes it a little bit easier to hear in my opinion) I would say the only thing I was looking for was a tiny bit more filth, to me it's on the sloppy side vs downright nasty filth. I think that comes from me wanting to hear some wobbles in the bass/synths.

I liked the sfx you used. Made me laugh a bit when the spring noise (amongst others) came up in the middle of song.

I will say that my favorite part of the song is the drum beat you got going on. I think its because of the hi-hat rif that fit so perfectly with the song.

Anyway, all that taken into account I enjoyed the song very much. Great work!

Keep it up!
TorkKey - and if you get the time please check out my song ">TK< OMG (Complete)"

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NocturneLabs responds:

I'm glad to hear your opinion of that clap. As it turns out, I'm going to be tweaking and then releasing this song on an EP through beatport, and the fake clap was the first thing to go as I was revisiting the track and making changes :)

I'll definitely check out your song! Thanks for the review :D

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